Terms & Conditions

Description of Agreement

1. The service is offered by registered office 383A Upton Park Green Street E13 9AU and representative offices at the address provided in the receipt issued in lieu of remittance affected. The service is offered by registered office 383A Upton Park Green Street E13 9AU and representative offices at the address provided in the receipt issued in lieu of remittance affected.


2. ALICO (UK) LTD is registered MSB (money service business) regulated by FCA and certified by HMRC.


3. ALICO (UK) LTD offers money transfer services to various countries. The remitter must be of 18 yearsover to use the service. Each money transfer will be issued a receipt with the pin number for individual remittance. In normal cases money transfer will be paid in cash by the paying agents, but in some cases on the of the receiver the agent can arrange cheque/ demand draft. Also deposit in receiver bank account. However the remitter authorises ALICO (UK) LTD to honour the receivers preference even if it differs from the payout method the sender specified.


4. While giving the instructions for remittance and providing funds the identification and signature must be provided giving consent to the execution of money transfer. The remitter however must inform the receiver about the money transfer.


5. The remitter is advised to produce the documentary evidence of their identity and provide details of the money transfer to be transferred by ALICO (UK) LTD and give all the details as prescribed in the application form. The amount of remittance must also be provided. If the remittance is for the credit of beneficiarys account in any particular bank branch, full details of the bank and account number must be specified. Wrongincomplete particulars/details in either case whether cash paymentcredit of respective account shall not be the responsibility of ALICO (UK) LTD. Receiving cash and payment at the other end shall be subject to the proper documents provided and identification must be in order.


6. Subject to legalregulatory requirements, funds will be available for collection by the receiver, the next working day unless otherwise there is no public holiday at the payer endforce majeure.. Regular money transfers are usually available within 24 hours. Delays and restrictions apply in certain countries. Please call our offices to find about particular country if there are any such restrictionsprohibitions.


7. There are legal limitations and prohibitions for remitters for certain individuals and countries. ALICO UK LIMITED has the system for checking and to screen all transactions against such listed names provided by the government of the countries and territories in which we do business. If a potential match is identified ALICO (UK) LTD must research the transaction to determine if the individual matched is in fact the individual on the relevant list. In certain cases customers are required to provide additional identification and other information and in such cases transactions may be delayed. This is a legal requirement for all transaction initiated by ALICO (UK) LTD.


8. Presently ALICO (UK) LTD is offering remittance services to some of the countries but the Company will explain and notify the location and will inform the remitter prior to the completion of payment order. Unless applicable law in the destination country requires otherwise the sender will bear all fees for the money transfer. In certain jurisdictions payment of money may be subject to certain taxes/charges.


9. Money transfer payments will normally be made in the currency of the destination country and such amount is converted at the current exchange rate. ALICO (UK) LTD calculates its rates at the prevailing commercially available interbank rate. For bureau de change purposes most rate of exchange are adjusted several times daily in line with the relevant closing rate of global financial market. The currency will be converted at the time of transfer and the receiver will receive in equivalent foreign currency shown on the receipt.


10. At certain times the receiver may not have valid identification and the principle amount of money shall accordingly, will not be disbursed by the payer/agent. The remitter must therefore ensure that the valid identification is available to the beneficiary when called to collect the fund.


11. For refund of money transmitted, ALICO (UK) LTD will need written and the sender will be refunded only after receiving confirmation of outstanding with the payer. This process may involve time to receive confirmation. However that shall be within reasonable period/time. To arrange STOP PAYMENT and refund against the original order company will need proof of remittance and identification from the remitter. However the payment will not be refunded to third party.


12. ALICO UK LIMITED and its agents may refuse to provide the service to any person without giving a reason. This is to prevent fraud, money laundering and terrorist financingotherwise instructions and notifications received from the department concerned.


13. DATA PROTECTION- Personal information is processed under the applicable laws. ALICO UK LIMITED uses personal data provided in the money transfer instruction, together with other information which is collectedgenerated during the course of customer relationship based on transaction, for the purpose of providing services as ed. That includes customers, services and also fraud prevention. We will also hold and retain information that the sender gives us about the receiver of the money transfer service in order to execute the transaction. In the absence of the relevant information ALICO (UK) LTD is unable to execute the transaction.


14. ALICO (UK) LTD will disclose information to third parties located outside the EEA, with whom we have contractual relationship to protect information. Basically for the purpose indicated in these terms and conditions and to carry out the money transferfuture transactionsto supplement information from publically available sources. That also assists and helps ALICO (UK) LTD to improve the services. The company may disclose information to third parties, where necessary for the purpose of prevention and detection of crime, prosecution of offenders, and of national security. ALICO (UK) LTD also retains information, transaction history of remitter based on our record retention schedules for no longer than is necessary for the purpose for which the data were collected and in compliance with applicable laws.


15. The remitter is ed and advised the data with ALICO (UK) LTD is confidential and should not be shared with any other then the beneficiary. In no event ALICO (UK) LTD shall be liable for damages for delay, non payment and under payment of the money transfer whether cast by the negligence of the employees our agentsotherwise .In no event will ALICO UK LIMITEDits agents be liable for any in direct, special incidentalconsequential damages. The disc laimer shall not limit ALICO UK LIMITED liability for damages resulting from Alicos gross negligenceinternational misconduct in that jurisdiction such a limitation of liability is wide. However the company in no event be liable to anyone for any delays, errorsomissions with respect to service all the information transmission.

16. Charges per transaction are applicable for remittance to Pakistan falling below minimum threshold, please ask agent / head office for further information.

17. Please avoid using Credit Cards as methods of payment, payments made via credit card may incur additional charges.