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Frequently Asked Question

Need assistance? In this section, we've highlighted the questions that are most commonly asked. If your question isn't addressed here,if you simply want more information, get in touch with us. Visit our Contact Us to see how you can reach us.


Are my funds secure with Alico Uk Ltd ?

Here at Alico we understand that the security of client funds is most important. Regardless of the process of moving funds there is always a risk however at Alico we undertake market leading initiatives to ensure that our clients' funds are as safe as possible.

Your safeguards include the following:

Alico run two types of accounts. These are client accounts and business accounts, all of our accounts are held with Barclays.


Client Accounts - All clients' monies are kept in trust for the purpose of dealing on behalf of clients and are monitored strictly by our accountants and auditors. Furthermore we require the authority of your nominated signatory before we execute instructions to our bankers.


Business Accounts - Our business account is used for only the day to day running of the business meaning our operational accounts are kept completely separate to the accounts held in trust for our clients.

  • Alico is monitored by HM Customs and Excise under the provision of the Money Laundering Regulations 2008. This requires companies to have full details of their customers and to have documented records of all their transactions. We therefore have to comply with all instructions supplied by our customers on their Deal Tickets.
  • Because Alico sends out your funds by Express TT your monies should be within your designated account within 24 hours. However your funds usually appear in your account on the same day if we send your funds before 1pm. This applies to US and European Bank accounts only. If, however, your bank uses a third party correspondence bank this may take up to 3 days. This usually only applies to very small banks and banks in developing countries.
  • Alico is a multi-million pound business that is built on the strength of our relationships and the integrity of our corporate ethos. Our growth is the result of exceeding the expectations of our clients and their referral of us to their friends and associates.